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I teach bakers & other creatives how to make a consistent income selling their craft... if you're the DIY queen with a Pinterest board full of "someday" business ideas, I'm your biggest fan! 

Not to be dramatic, but cookies really did change my whole entire life.

That's me, Ashley, & my daughter, Lily. 


When my family decided we wanted to grow our family through adoption, I announced I would make & sell TEN THOUSAND cookies to save up the $35,000+ we needed to cover the fees...


I wasn't exactly sure how I would do it, but I was wildly determined to reach my goal.

Using the recipes & techniques I teach inside Cookie Class, and the marketing & business basics from Side Biz From Scratch, I hit my goal in just under 18 months!


I gained confidence & joy in my life, plus I saved the extra funds my family needed... all while working another job & being mom to an awesome 10-yr-old.


Now I want to teach YOU how to do the same!

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