Oh hey! I'm Ashley. 


I'm the one who decided making/ selling TEN THOUSAND cookies would be the "easiest" way to come up with $35,000+ to cover the fees when we decided to adopt a baby. #logic


I'm mama to an amazing 8-year-old, and waiting (not always patiently) to be chosen as an adoptive family.  

Thanks to an outrageous amount of support from our community near + far (thanks internet) our adoption expenses are covered and I was able to make "Cookie Lady" my full-time job title. 

These days I'm shipping gluten free cookies (what's up Cookie Crate fans) and teaching baking/ decorating basics in Cookie Class.  

Also, I hang out with these guys a lot. ​Meet my awesome family... 

Hunter is my saint of a husband who has been supporting my wild ideas for 11 years now. (Full disclosure: they rarely turn out as well as this one.) He's very funny, wildly uncomfortable with conflict, and the karaoke king. 

Lily is our very own sparkle unicorn. I could be biased, but she's the most magical human I've ever known. She came along a little sooner than expected, and we found out afterward that we can't even have any more pregnancies... which means she's a surprise AND a miracle. And she lives up to the hype. 

Oh, and Milo! He's just the sweetest, squishiest, best boy there ever was. Hands down everyone's favorite Greeno.  


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