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Hi there. I'm Ashley!

I help makers & bakers turn their creativity into profits. 

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Not to be dramatic, but cookies really did change my whole entire life.


When my family decided we wanted to adopt, I announced I would make & sell TEN THOUSAND cookies to save up the $35,000+ we needed to cover the fees...


I wasn't exactly sure how I would do it, but I was wildly determined to reach my goal.

Using the recipes & techniques I teach inside Cookie Class, and the social media and marketing strategies that I now use to help my clients grow, I hit my goal in just over a year.

Then in Nov/ Dec 2020 I sold $24,000 worth of cookies with a $0.00 marketing budget. That was when it hit me: I could share my talents & strategies with other creative entrepreneurs and help them grow their dream businesses too!  


I believe that marketing can be authentic & joyful (not cringey and stressful).

If you need a game plan to get started or a full service content creator, I would love to help!