• Ashley Greeno

Back To School (not so basic) Basics

It's that time again! Well, if you have kids between the ages of 5-18 it is anyway. :) Back to school!

I made a goal to pack more lunches this year. Lily actually doesn't mind eating at school, but the lunch time is so short she seems to get more eaten when she's not waiting in the hot lunch line... Anyway, I love sneaking little notes into her lunchbox, and she always comments about them so I know she loves it too!

If you're looking for cute, free, printable lunchbox notes, there are TONS. I'm starting with these cute illustrated notes by Lori McDonough, but I have a Pinterest board full of fun ideas right HERE.

PS if you're looking for these sweet treats to sneak into their lunch, you can shop for pencil cookies or mini monster cookies and have them shipped right to you. :)

**Bonus: if you don't have a printer/ don't want to deal with downloading and printing your own notes... there are some super cute sets for under $10 on Amazon too. Here's my top back to school essentials.

What's your favorite thing about Back to School?