A couple years ago I got a wild idea to sell 10,000 cookies to reach a BIG goal and save up for the fees that would allow my family to begin the adoption process... Spoiler alert: I did it! In 18 months I baked, decorated, and sold all of the cookies and a new chapter started for the Ten Thousand Cookies business. I added teaching Cookie Class and coaching creatives who want to turn their creativity into income. 


And now I'm sharing some of my all-time favorite (and best selling) cookie recipes with you!! 

In the Cut Out Cookie Bake Book you get 11 original cookie recipes, all designed to be gluten free & vegan (but with special instructions for anyone who wants to make substitutions and use dairy, eggs, or gluten). 


Plus, I added 3 bonus recipes for frosting and icing! 


And finally you get a complete list of ingredients (including my favorite brands) so you can buy exactly what you need for baking success! 


I know you'll love these recipes and I can't wait to see them in YOU kitchen!

Cut Out Cookie Recipe Book, Gluten Free & Vegan Cookies