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This DIY kit is super fun on its own, or a perfect add-on to the Haloween Cookie Classe (Oct 26th) if you don't want to deal with the baking before class! **Order all four to save 25%. We'll ship all the kits together with instructions for how to freeze the cookies for later classes. 


We'll ship you (almost) everything, including:

  • 12 already baked cookies that match the theme
  • 4 royal icing colors (premixed) 
  • disposable scribe tool
  • sprinkles
  • a cute photo background to help you show off your creations 


Can't wait to see you in class! 



For details about a PRIVATE decorating party: email us at tenthousandcookies@gmail.com. 

Halloween/ Thanksgiving DIY Cookie Decorating Kits

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