2,000 cookies

So it's been about a month and a half since we kicked this thing off! See, I told you I wouldn't clog up your inbox with tons of posts. ;)

We're actually still reeling from the RIDICULOUS amount of support we've received so far!!! In the 6 weeks since announcing our adoption plans we've sold 2,000 cookies! That means we've baked/ decorated an average of 300+ cookies per week! haha It also means we are well on our way to paying these crazy adoption expenses. UNREAL!

Pop Up Shop

Last weekend Pikes Peak Lemonade Co featured us with a pop up shop in their downtown location. It was so fun to set up and sell cookies to friends, family, instagram followers and even complete strangers! We felt so loved and supported by everyone!

Pikes Peak Cookies

Adoption status update: 99% done with home study paperwork. We're waiting on one more certified form to come back so we can submit the application, then we'll have to submit background checks and wait for those and then complete 3 in home visits... THEN we can become home study approved and ready to match with a birth mom. We're getting there. :)

Camper Cookies

We know that adoption can be a difficult experience and we're prepared for bumps in the road, but to be honest so far it has been such an amazing experience. We are so supported and loved and encouraged by our community and so many more!! THANK YOU for being part of this with us. We are so grateful!

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