2019 Review: BALANCE

Happy New Year!

I took some serious time off to reflect, rest, and be with family at the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020. I love setting new goals, but I'm not always great about evaluating their success afterwards. It's fun to celebrate to celebrate the successes, but hard to look back and realize that there are things that got left behind too.

My hope for last year was "to find a better balance between the consistent rhythms of running a business and the colorful chaos that is my creative process. And personally, a better balance between work and mindful family time, because hopefully this is the year we add another baby to the Greeno family... and we all know babies take a lot of time and attention."

Here are a few of the intentions I set last year to help me strike that BALANCE:

Intention #1: Host monthly cookie classes in Colorado Springs. Who knows, maybe I could even travel for one or two? Doesn't traveling cookie decorator sound like the coolest job in the entire world?!

Ok, monthly classes certainly did not happen... but, I was able to teach 5 cookie classes in my home, and I partnered with local businesses to host 3 workshops in the community. I even got to do a couple private parties and created an online version of the Cookie Class that I can share with everyone. I'll call this a win. ;)

Intention #2: Blog at least once a month. (Maybe even twice... what?!) I like sharing in this space and hope to be able to add a lot of value this year for anyone interested in reading. Look for our fundraising tips, cookie decorating advice, and maybe even a few new recipes!

After a 3 month "post-resolution nose dive" (aka zero blogging Feb-April lol) I actually stuck with this one! I hit publish on 19 posts in 2019. Is it all the most riveting thing you've ever read? No. Am I looking to switch to a writing career anytime soon? ha! But, I was able to share some really important things with you through this site: like, how much confidence I've gained by falling on my face, and how to make gluten free and vegan Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles, and a really exciting adoption update!

Intention #3: Write an e-book. Ok this one is scary and way outside my comfort zone, BUT I get lots of questions about HOW we make our cookies. Everything from recipes to baking secrets and royal icing tips and tricks. I would love love to be able to compile this into an e-book to share!

BIG WIN! I went one step further and made an entire e-course dedicated to baking and decorating sugar cookies. This is my proudest business accomplishment of 2019, and I can't wait to add to it in 2020!

Intention #4: Make my health a priority. This looks like a Whole 30 reset in January and a commitment to walk/run/yoga/move at least 3 times a week... not for weight loss but for mental health and less back pain. I'm going back to the basics with this one!

First things first: That Whole 30 did NOT happen. haha And the first half of 2019 I was still working 25 hours/ week at another job while I ran Ten Thousand Cookies full-time... aka I wasn't in the best alignment on this one. I spent a lot more time a the chiropractor (and gained about 10 pounds) before I finally got back around to this one. I did start a more regular yoga practice in June and have run or walked at least a couple times a week since then as well.... a work in progress, and something I plan on carrying into 2020.

Intention #5: Have the systems in place to be able to take an actual maternity leave when our baby gets here... It legitimately keeps me up at night when I think about how I'll fill orders and keep things running when I take some time away. But, I know with the right preparation and systems it's possible.

About this one... I can honestly say I spent time THINKING about this one. I can also share that it still keeps me up at night haha, so not a lot to report. I deeply believe that the timing of our new baby or child joining the family will be exactly right, so I'm going to keep working on this plan in 2020!

Maybe it's not SO bad, reviewing the year. I definitely crashed and burned in some areas (creating a better work/ life boundaries... oops, this is definitely still on the list for next year), but I had some big wins too! It's painful to remember back to last January, when I was SO sure this was the year our family would grow. But, it's AMAZING that I've been able to turn this fundraiser into my full-time income. I'm so grateful for the way this business is allowing me to create my own schedule and helping me make space for another Greeno. 2020 here I come!