2019 Here we come!!

New Year's Eve Cookies

Happy New Year friends!

I just did a 2018 recap over on Instagram and it left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, but there was something a little more bittersweet mixed in too. See, I looooove starting a new project. It's so energizing and exciting to me. I love change and adventure and the endless possibilities. Where I've always struggled in the past is the consistency required to follow through with a project and see it into something more steady and long-lasting. That's why I've set my focus on the word BALANCE for this year. My hope is to find a better balance between the consistent rhythms of running a business and the colorful chaos that is my creative process. And personally, a better balance between work and mindful family time, because hopefully this is the year we add another baby to the Greeno family... and we all know babies take a lot of time and attention. ;)

Here are a few of the intentions I'm setting to help me strike that BALANCE.

Intention #1: Host monthly cookie classes in Colorado Springs. Who knows, maybe I could even travel for one or two? Doesn't traveling cookie decorator' sound like the coolest job in the entire world?!

Intention #2: Blog at least once a month. (Maybe even twice... what?!) I like sharing in this space and hope to be able to add a lot of value this year for anyone interested in reading. Look for our fundraising tips, cookie decorating advice, and maybe even a few new recipes!

Intention #3: Write an e-book. Ok this one is scary and way outside my comfort zone, BUT I get lots of questions about HOW we make our cookies. Everything from recipes to baking secrets and royal icing tips and tricks. I would love love to be able to compile this into an e-book to share!

Intention #4: Make my health a priority. This looks like a Whole 30 reset in January and a commitment to walk/run/yoga/move at least 3 times a week... not for weight loss but for mental health and less back pain. I'm going back to the basics with this one!

Intention #5: Have the systems in place to be able to take an actual maternity leave when our baby gets here... It legitimately keeps me up at night when I think about how I'll fill orders and keep things running when I take some time away. But, I know with the right preparation and systems it's possible.

So, how about you? Are you a goal setter? Do you like a word of the year? Any feedback/ ideas for what you want to see in this space? I would love to hear from you!! tenthousandcookies@gmail.com

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