Mother's Day

Morgan Harper Nichols is an incredibly wise and talented artist. Check her our if you haven't already!

Morgan Harper Nichols is an incredibly wise and talented artist. Check her our if you haven't already!

I can already see this in our story, and I know it's just the beginning! The way this community has come together to buy 9,600 cookies already(!!), the relationships we've made with other couples willing to share their experiences and stories, the gratefulness our family has found in the wait.

Lately, I've been thinking about the woman that will carry a child and ultimately choose to place it for adoption. The woman who, by choosing our family, will put her faith in us to raise and love her baby as our own. It's a heartbreaking sacrifice, but also the most beautiful gift. To give your child the best life possible at any cost, even if you know that you're not the one who can provide that life, is the embodiment of motherhood. As we get closer to completing our home study and becoming a waiting family, I can't help but wonder if that woman is already pregnant, grappling with the life altering decision of what's best for her and her child. I hope she can find peace and that she will feel brave and empowered by her choice.

This season has helped me learn to sit with brokenness. To reconcile the love and joy we have as we plan to grow our family with the grief and pain that will inevitably come first. I do believe those little things are already in motion that will lead us to the family we're meant to be, and it helps me to live in this moment instead of always rushing to get to the next.

I plan to spend my day being celebrated by Lily and Hunter; soaking in the joy of this season exactly as it is, knowing that it very well may be our last Mother's Day as a family of three. The past 7 years have been so sweet, and I'm grateful for every one of them. What an honor it is to be called mama!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. And if you're a birth mom, a woman waiting/hoping for a baby, or grieving the loss of a mom, I hope you're able to give yourself grace in this hard time. It's ok to not be ok too. I'm so grateful for all of you, and can't wait to share some new updates soon!