Adoption Update: Home Study Approved!

Finally!!! We have completed every single piece of home study paper work, physical exam, training class, homework, autobiography, and eval. We've paid every fee and passed every background check. Now we've officially even cleaned our house 4 times (haha), invited a stranger in to "study" our family (for the record, she's super nice and did an amazing job of putting us at ease through this very uncomfortable process), and signed. the. last. papers. We're doing this!!

We are officially a waiting family, which feels so good! I mean, more waiting doesn't feel that great. ;) But getting to the next step feels amazing. We're so ready to meet the next little Greeno... if you're in the adoption process, or starting and feel overwhelmed or intimidated I have some advice specifically for you: Just start! Take it one step at a time and take breaks if/ when you need them. Remember that the only timeline you have to be on is YOURS. It's not a race, and you're not a "better parent" if you finish your paperwork the quickest. I genuinely believe that the timing will be perfect. That there is a reason some people are home study approved in 3 months and others (aka us) take 18. It's all coming together how it needs to and I have so much relief and new anticipation now that we're on to the next step!

For everyone who has encouraged us so far in this journey: THANK YOU. Again. I know we keep saying it, like a broken record, but it's because we feel it so deeply. We're just so grateful to have a community that's willing (and excited) to jump into this with us. We love you and we can't wait to keep you updated with an announcement that we've been chosen to parent a baby or child. (Hopefully sooner than later, but who knows!)

All our love,

The Greenos