Confessions of a Stress Baker

Never heard of Stress Baking? Well my friend, you're in for a treat... maybe even lots of treats, actually. :)

Do you love to try out new recipes for cookies, cupcakes, etc? Maybe you just love making your grandma's recipe for the BEST sheet cake in the world and showing it off at parties. Cool, you're a baker. Easy right?

But, if you find yourself baking the most when you have a huge list of other things to do (ex: your house is a mess, you've got a project to finish up for work, it's time to start dinner and the kids need help with homework... so you run to the store for chocolate chips and butter) you might just be a stress baker like me.

Or maybe you've had a reallllly long week so you turn on your favorite music, pour a glass of wine, and grab your trusty chocolate chip cookie recipe? That's right, my friend. You might be a stress baker.

In the mood to unwind and bake your stress away? Try one of these.

I really hope I'm not alone here. There is something legitimately relaxing and mindful about measuring a bunch of ingredients, mixing them together, and then pulling something delicious out of the oven! And here's the deal: adopting can be really stressful. Don't get me wrong, this process has been incredible so far. We've been supported by so many friends, family members, even strangers! I've learned so much about myself and made awesome new relationships, BUT I've also baked & sold 4,000 cookies in the past 4 months. I also already have a job and, oh yeah, another kid and a husband! Plus the paperwork... (insert eye roll emoji). All that to say, I've needed some stress & anxiety relief and baking can really do it for me.


Don't just take my word for it, either. Donna Pincus is an associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University who did an interview with HuffPost about the mental health benefits of baking. Here's what she had to say about it: “Baking actually requires a lot of full attention. You have to measure, focus physically on rolling out dough. If you’re focusing on smell and taste, on being present with what you’re creating, that act of mindfulness in that present moment can also have a result in stress reduction.”


I've learned over the years that people are intimidated by baking. And I get it, really I do. It can be precise and finicky and let's face it: Pinterest is filled with cakes that Martha herself can't pull off without an entire support team!

Here's why Stress Baking is different: All you need is a super simple, go-to recipe to get started. (I literally started by making cupcakes with box cake mix for my college roommates... when I was too worried about all of my finals to actually focus on studying.) It's not about creating the most fabulous end product. It's about the process!

So treat yourself to a new hobby, a sweet treat, and a little self-care all in one.

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