Cookie Decorating Tutorial: Easy DIY Football & Stadium Cookies

Watching football is 95% about the snacks. Change my mind.

I bet you can't, because snacks are my favorite! My own daughter tried to talk some sense into me the other day, ("not EVERYTHING has to be about cookies mom!") but even she couldn't stop me. Now, maybe you're a more balanced person than me... but even if you like watching football, you probably ALSO love cute football cookies, right? Or maybe you just need a fun treat for the Super Bowl party, or a creative way to connect with your kids. No matter what, I'm positive decorated sugar cookies are the perfect solution.

If you've been around the block a time or two with royal icing, then by all means skip to the good stuff... but if you're new to the cookie decorating scene, I know it can be intimidating to get started and I'm here for you! I've got some tips especially for you cookie decorating beginners. This set is perfect because they're surprisingly simple, but still super cute. So you get tons of street cred without having to dedicate hours and hours to your new craft.

Royal Icing 101 Tips for Beginners

1. Get started with a delicious cookie... you want these bad boys to TASTE as good as they look. ;) If you're ready to really go for it, you can get my very own gluten free sugar cookie recipe. It also comes with vegan variations + tons of instructional videos, my no-fail royal icing recipe, shopping lists, my top tools, and other fun bonuses!

Pro tip: Not ready to "tackle" (lol) the baking AND decorating at the same time? No worries. You could buy these cookies and decorate the tops with the stadium design... still cute, still delicious, still counts as homemade. ;)

2. You need a great royal icing recipe. Don't have one? Borrow mine

Pro tip: tipless icing bags. They're super easy to work with, help you create smooth edges like a pro... and they're CHEAP!

3. Be patient! It doesn't have to (and probably won't) be perfect the first time. Have fun and remember that they're going to taste great no matter what!

How to Decorate Stadium Cookies

1. Start with a round cookies, white & green royal icing, and rainbow sprinkles.

2. Ice half the cookie with white royal icing

3. Dip the iced cookie into a bowl of rainbow sprinkles.

4. Ice the bottom half with green icing + add white yard lines.

Here it is in live action:


How to Decorate Football Cookies

1. Start with football shaped cookie, and brown & white royal icing.

2. Ice 1/3 of the football in a crescent shape with brown icing- let dry 30 minutes.

3. Ice the bottom 2/3 of the football- let dry 30 minutes

4. Add the white details to dry football.


You're not a rookie anymore! Go show off your sweet treats, you cookie decorating pro. You'll be the MVP of the Super Bowl party! Or maybe you'll just eat them in your sweats while you watch your favorite team in peace... or while you re-watch Friday Night Lights. Seriously, you do you. Cookies are a great fit for EVERY occasion.