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Courage v Comfort

I'm getting back into the swing of creating more regularly, now that my house is a whole lot quieter. Having 3 foster kiddos (5 and under) for 4 months was an unbelievable challenge... one that definitely required COURAGE, and ultimately helped me appreciate the comfort of a quiet house too. ;) I'm learning to pursue that tension. It's ok to have seasons of courage & seasons of comfort.

It's not all or nothing!

But today I chose courage, and that's what I want to tell you about. So let me back up a bit...


I kind of “stumbled” my way into entrepreneurship. I figured out pretty early that I wasn’t cut out for the 9-5, but I had no background or training in running a business. I also had no model or example... all the adults in my life had taken the "regular path". You know, 40 hours a week at a decent job. Not as much money as you want, but enough. Not the kind of work you're in love or passionate about, but retirement benefits. It took me several years (and several attempts) to fully reject the inherited belief that you have to have a "real job" to be a successful adult.

Luckily, I had enough grit and creativity to keep trying, but I definitely took the hard way sometimes. 😏 Like the time I started baking cupcakes in my in-laws kitchen and selling at the local farmers market every week... or the time I struggled for several years to make any kind of profit from my hand lettering etsy shop.

Sugar Mama Bakeshop and Bow + Arrow Art helped me teach myself the basics of building a brand and digital marketing. I read every article I could get my hands on and listened to all the podcasts. I followed all the gurus, and tried so many "proven blueprints for success". 😅 And here's the main thing I learned:

The only way that blueprint ever worked in the first place is if they were brave enough to do it!

Have you ever struggled with is labeling yourself a business owner? Maybe you're comfortable labeling yourself a creative, but not really an entrepreneur... I know I did for a long time! As though all of this was just magically running itself. (Again with the all or nothing mentality!) Let me say this loud, for the people in the back: It's definitely possible to be BOTH creative & business minded. I’m learning to be brave and confident and take ownership of what I’m building, and you can too.

Are you in a rest season or a brave season? Need a pep talk? Check out the Side Biz From Scratch community for workshops, pep talks, and mindset tips. I've got some really fun things planned and you'll be the first to know! 💕

PS if you need some book recommendations to spur you on and make you feel braver: These are my favorites!