Introducing my new e-course for beginner cookie decorators: Cookie Class!

Hey friends! If you already subscribe to my Cookie Club emails you may have already heard about Cookie Class (YAY)! Either way, I wanted to formally introduce it to you all here on the blog. I’m really super pumped about this guys!!

Earlier this year when we sold our 10,000th cookie, I had an omg "come to Jesus" moment... now what?! I for sure knew I wanted to keep making cookies, but I also knew that cranking out hundreds of cookies a week wouldn't be sustainable in the long haul... especially with a baby coming. ;) So I started thinking of ways to grow and help more people in this awesome community... when I started asking questions, the answer because clear: TEACH! You all asked me over and over for DIY kits, classes, tutorials and recipes.

So, I got to work! I knew a course about learning the basics of cookie decorating could be the answer, but honestly I was intimidated... So I listened to podcasts while I baked, I read blogs and watched webinars and learned how to be more than just a great I cookie decorator. I learned how to be a great instructor!

I'm not just giving you a couple of recipes and sending you on your way. Ten Thousand Cookies has always been a community, and Cookie Class is no different. This step-by-step course includes my very own gluten free sugar cookie and royal icing recipes, plus options for making them both dairy free or vegan... but that's just the start. I included printable ingredient lists and must-have cookie decorating tools, how-to videos and photo tutorials, and printable worksheets that help you achieve the perfect icing consistency.

I’ve figured out how to make awesome cookies that brighten people's day and now I'm sharing my tips, tricks and secrets. I mean, these are the same recipes and techniques I used to sell TEN THOUSAND COOKIES in just over a year. I promise you'll learn something. ;)

Cookie Class isn't just about adding another recipe to your to-do list. It's about having fun and learning how to bake/ create something beautiful (and delicious) to share as gifts, or to spend quality time baking with your kids... or maybe even to sell as a fundraiser or side gig?

You can check out everything that’s in the course (including all the bonuses!) right here.