The Great Big Baking Giveaway!

You may have already heard (or guessed) but it's true! My very first e-course, Cookie Class, comes out on Nov 1st!! I've worked so hard on this class and I wanted to celebrate with a great big GIVEAWAY.

Click here for all of the official details, but here’s the rundown of what one lucky winner will get:

- Free access to my class! 🥳 - 6 bags of sprinkles + more baking surprises from Shop Sweets and Treats - 10 tipless icing bags for decorating - 1 set of holiday cookie cutters - $25 amazon gift card for baking supplies & ingredients!


But why do you even want to win a free cookie decorating course? I already have Founding Members testing out the course and I've been asking them that exact question. Here's what they've told me...

"Your gf cookie recipe is legit!"

"You know what was a hit tonight?! The cookie recipe!! Our extended family and friend group has lots of gluten intolerance so we dabble in the GF world often and even my gluten loving hubby thought this one was a winner."

"Thank YOU for helping me cultivate this time together!"

"I thought it would be fun to refresh and pick up some tips with the holidays coming up!"


I’ve spent years learning how to create awesome gluten free cookies that bring families and friends together and now I'm sharing my tips, tricks and secrets. I mean, these are the same recipes and techniques I used to sell TEN THOUSAND COOKIES in just over a year. So maybe the better question is why would you NOT want to win?! haha

Ok now that you're dying to WIN ;) here's the link one more time: Great Big Baking Giveaway.

**The contest will be open through midnight on Oct 31st and the winner will be announced Nov 1st, 2019. *Amazon and ecourse will be available world-wide but shipping is to US only. Maybe the odds be ever in your favor!