World Adoption Day

When we made the decision to grow our family through adoption, we knew that decision came with a pretty big price tag. Unfortunately, the fees associated with the US adoption process are over $40,000 for the average family. We started selling cookies to offset those costs, but even TEN THOUSAND COOKIES wouldn't bring in quite enough... so we also started an Adopt Together fundraising page to help make up the difference. We will forever be so grateful for the support we've received, and this year we were able to come full circle and donate 200 cookies to Adopt Together's annual charity event, Baby Ball!


It felt so great to be able to give back and help raise money for more families, but the truth is, there are only so many cookies I can physically bake and decorate... Which is why I decided to celebrate World Adoption Day by donating 40% from every sale of my brand new cookie decorating ecourse, Cookie Class!


The founders of Adopt Together also created World Adoption Day as "a day to celebrate family... a day to raise awareness for adoption... and a day to raise funds to support families in their adoption. Ambassadors from all over the world are organizing events and parties, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate World Adoption Day. Join us as we create a day to celebrate the power and beauty of family brought together through adoption."

So, if you've been on the fence about Cookie Class (or considering learning how to make better cookies for the holidays), today is the day!! You get an awesome class full of video tutorials, cookie decorating tips, my very own gluten free sugar cookie recipe, and lots of bonuses for only $37... plus $15 of your purchase is being donated to a family in the process of growing their family through adoption.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate World Adoption Day!!