Are you sabotaging your own success? 


Not to be a Debby Downer, but if you're trying to (or even considering) starting a creative side business - there are things you’re doing right now that are stunting your growth.


Ready find out which these mistakes you're making...

and more importantly: how to FIX them? 

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Mistake #1: Not setting CLEAR goals


When you're creative, it can be fun and exciting to learn new skills... plus it feels amazing if you have friends cheering you on and telling you to sell your fancy (cookies, earrings, cards, cupcakes, etc..). Often I see creatives running around like crazy, saying "yes" to every side project and custom request (because it feels GOOD to be wanted).

But if you're ready to actually build a side business that can bring you a CONSISTENT $500-$2000/ month, it's time to set goals that are clear and specific. What exactly do you want to accomplish? Why? Who can you serve with your amazing products? A good goal should make you feel EXCITED... and a little nervous. 😘


Mistake #2: You don't want to talk about yourself, so you don't share your new business


Like AT ALL. I get it, self promoting is weird at first. You don't want to push people away or be annoying, so you shyly share your mad skills with your bff and your mom and then you sit back and wait for the orders to roll in... and then you convince yourself that your idea is a failure because no one bought anything!! 😅


I'm guessing you KNOW deep down that you'll have to spread the word if you want to find customers, but you just want to do it in a way that feels good and not cheesy or lame. I'm 100% with you on that. Which is why... I’m teaching a free workshop on this exact topic to help you get the best results possible, instead of wading through mistakes like this one. I promise you it's possible to get the word out about your amazing products in a way that feels true to YOU and magnetic to your favorite kinds of customers!


Mistake #3: You're trying to do it alone


I'm sure this affects all kinds of people, but I especially see it in fellow creatives. We think we can DIY our way to success, right? I mean it makes sense... you're a whiz with the glue gun, or the sewing machine, or the oven. Why couldn't you also figure out your own path to a profitable side income?


Well, this one is a bit of a trick question, because technically you could. There is a mind-boggling amount of info out there, and I'm sure you're incredibly resourceful. The problem is more of a time constraint. As someone who spent literally YEARS taking this path, I'm here to tell you DIY is the slow way. But you don't have to do it alone!

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Join me for the LIVE workshop:

June 10th at 11am (mst) 

We'll talk about these mistakes (and more common social media pitfalls) + how I've used to social media to build a super connected community that supports and champions my business. They're incredible customers, but they're also a powerhouse support system who helps me spread the word when I launch new things! 

We'll also challenge some ideas you might have like

  • why you "aren't good at marketing" 

  • how you "need to be on ALL the platforms" 

  • "all the successful businesses have tons of followers"

  • "you have to have to spend all your time online"

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Hey, I'm Ashley!

I love helping bakers & creatives build solid side businesses that provide consistent income by setting clear goals and learning marketing basics. 
I'm a self-taught baker & creator who recently baked & sold 10,000 cookies to fund my family's adoption! Now I'm a full-time baker and instructor... aka professional "cookie lady".
I'm convinced that we all have the ability to create our dream lives! That's why I teach marketing skills and business basics from a play of joy & community building.
Think of me as your creative biz cheerleader! 

Still have questions?

Email me:

I'd love to chat!