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Calling all makers, bakers, & creatives:
It's time to go from side-hustler to CEO.  

You make beautiful handmade products, (or maybe you help people with your amazing services) but you're stuck in the side gig, hobby biz stage. I can help! 

From Ten Thousand Cookies

The Creative CEO: Turn your creativity into profit

The ultimate course to help you launch or level-up your creative business in just 30 days.


It’s time to start acting like the BOSS of your own business... because, let's face, you are! 

Get ready to step boldly into more freedom and less burn out by effectively selling a craft you’ve already mastered!

Tell me if this sounds familiar...


  • You’re a creative at heart who knows deep down you could use your skills to build a biz you’re crazy proud of.

  • You’d love to earn more money without working 8,000 hours a week.

  • When people see your baked goods or handmade products, they say, “This is AMAZING!” But running a business? How do you even start?

  • You’re balancing a lot, be it a full-time job or a gang of kiddos, and would love to give your craft a go but feel overwhelmed at the thought of “building a business.”

  • Marketing yourself and your biz makes you’ve lost count of the IG stories you’ve recorded and immediately deleted!

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What if instead…

  • You had a steady income coming in consistently each month to support yourself and your fam.

  • You knew how to chase your business goals with actionable strategies that actually work. 

  • You felt confident putting yourself out there to market your biz, sans icky car salesman vibes!

  • You knew how to attract and engage with a community of supporters who not only buy your offerings, but genuinely want to see you succeed!

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Then you’re gonna wanna keep reading!


Hey there friend, I’m Ashley Greeno!

AKA “The Cookie Lady”


I'm a home baker and cookie decorator-turned-coach who teaches bakers and other creatives how to make a consistent income selling their craft. I started a movement called Ten Thousand Cookies with the (wild) goal of selling 10,000 cookies to put money towards our family’s adoption. And, as is often the case with entrepreneurship, it turned into something so much bigger than I ever expected. 


Make no mistake, though: I’m not a business unicorn. I took the long path to building a successful small business. From my tiny Etsy shop in 2009 to selling baked goods at farmers markets to hand lettered greeting cards, I’ve always had a creative “side hustle.” I learned a little more about running a business with each project, but it took me nearly a decade to pull all the pieces together and feel confident enough to quit my corporate job. 


Now, I’m handing over the roadmap to you, so you can cut years off your business timeline and start earning more faster. You already have the skills and talent to create something amazing; you just need tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to start turning your creativity into income (translation: more freedom, joy, and authenticity for you and your family!). 


Ready to take messy action towards your dreams? 

Yesss girl! I’ve got just the thing for you...


The Creative CEO: Turn your creativity into profit


The ultimate course to help you launch or level-up your creative business in just 30 days.

Get the simple, effective, proven strategies you need to launch (or level-up) your creative business—and keep growing it! Together we’ll dive deep into all aspects of your biz, like setting goals, branding and marketing, mindset, and building a community of supporters who want to shout your praises from the rooftops. Whether you want to eventually leave your 9-5 or just want a little extra income each month, this course is designed for you. It’s time to take bold, messy action to turn your creative hobby into a profitable side business you love! 


Here’s what you’ll get inside the course:

  • 5 Modules with pre-recorded videos and downloadable resources like workbooks, spreadsheets, and journaling pages.

  • Live group coaching calls to connect and learn about topics like mindset shifts.

  • Access to the private The Creative CEO Facebook group to network with your fellow students and ask all the questions (not to mention make business friends with creative women who totally "get it"!)

insecurity is officially cancelled, friend!

Take a walk through the curriculum

Here’s what we’ll cover each week:


Module 1: Business Basics

This week is all about the foundational elements of building a strong creative business. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Vision Setting (including a fancy step-by-step workbook resource)

  • Creating achievable and trackable goals (with a printable goal tracker) 

  • 30 Day marketing plan: Social media 101, How to pick the right platform, where to sell

  • How to track your success (+ a copy of my metrics tracker spreadsheet)

  • Weekly Tech Rec: Canva


Module 2: Products & Packages

What's in a name (turns out, quite a bit). Starting and scaling a successful business is more than just just making cute things. We’ll explore topics like:

  • Picking a product or idea

  • Packaging your products into irresistible offers 

  • Pricing for profit (with workbook resources)

  • Weekly Tech Rec: Asana


Module 3: Build a Community

Let's get social! Tired of yelling into the void? This week has you covered. We'll talk about:

  • Creating a Brand, so you stand out (with workbook resources)

  • Creating social media content that ENGAGES (+ Free templates!)

  • Excellent product pics (with a resource guide)

  • Sales 101: How to close the deal (by offering solutions to friends that trust you... not by yelling at strangers on the internet)

  • Weekly Tech Rec: Planoly and VSCO


Module 4: Plan for Success

You need a plan, baby! Is planning the most fun thing? Not always. But is it 100% necessary? Sure is. So let's make it a little more exciting! This week includes:

  • What is holding you back from doing this dang thing? (with journal prompts)

  • Setting goals based on your income needs (not vice versa)

  • Prioritize marketing: You've got to get comfortable talking about yourself ;) 

  • How to track what's working (so you can double down on it)

  • Weekly Tech Rec: 

Module 5: 3...2...1... LAUNCH

Ideas without action are just, well, daydreams. This week is all about how to take intentional action towards the goals you set, no matter how messy or vulnerable it may feel. We’ll dive into topics like:

It’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned and pivot where necessary as you look to the future. This week includes:

  • What worked? What didn't? What's next? (workbook and spreadsheet resource)

  • A group coaching call inside the Facebook group to ask questions

  • A live coaching call inside the Facebook group on overcoming mindset blocks

It’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned and pivot where necessary as you look to the future. This week includes:

  • What worked? What didn't? What's next? (workbook and spreadsheet resource)

  • A group coaching call inside the Facebook group to ask questions

  • A live coaching call inside the Facebook group on overcoming mindset blocks

But wait, and there’s more my friend!

Here’s how you’ll grow + change throughout the program:


  • Have a roadmap to run your business from a place of rest and joy, not burnout.

  • Tap into your confidence as a CEO and start consistently attracting and working with dream clients or customers.

  • Find freedom to create, fail and succeed as your truest self—the joy is in the journey!

  • Connect with an authentic community of like-minded women who are cheering each other on each step of the way.

  • Create additional income to pay off debt, save for that family vacation, or work from home with your new baby!

  • Feel confident in the way you show up in people’s social media feeds and promote your business and products.

Wait really, Ash? 

All this for just $179 a month?

Yup, no joke—I’m serious about helping creative entrepreneurs like you thrive!


One time payment of

$797  $497


5 payments of


I’m no math wiz, but I do know that’s a heck of

a lot cheaper than business school, fam!

Sweet Words from Past Clients...


This course and you are a match made in small biz Heaven if...

  • You’re interested in starting or growing a creative business.

  • You’re ready to move forward boldly with your business (re: do the work, stop thinking SMALL, and get after it).

  • You understand the importance of investing in yourself in order to grow.

  • You desire to make a big impact on the world through your craft and by the way you show up and serve your clients or customers.

  • You are seeking authentic community and want to engage with your fellow Creative CEO students.

One last question, friend:

What are you waiting for?

Trust me, I know how scary it is to go all-in on your creative dream. But I also know it’s the key to unlocking more freedom and joy in your life. And I’m here to cheer you on each step of the way.

Oh, hold up!

We haven't even talked BONUSES yet:


Bonus 1: LIVE coaching & trainings

This is a pre-order offer, meaning you get access to all of the course modules LIVE. You can ask your questions and get feedback on your specific business!

+ added trainings to help you build momentum through the holiday season 


Bonus 2: $300 off the original price! 

No joke! As a founding member, you're locking in the best price I'll ever offer. The course as a whole is valued at $2,999 but it's only $497 if you pay in full now! 

Bonus 3: Social Media Templates ($116 value)

Not only do you get social media training + tools for planning your strategy...  I'm throwing in my whole collection of custom social media templates for FREE to make your life even easier! 


Bonus 4: Teamwork makes the dream work (priceless)

We've covered training, coaching, mentoring, & downloads... but what about a support system? The Creative CEO private Facebook group is the perfect place to connect with other creative business bosses.

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Quick recap:

$2,999 training + bonuses worth over $500


One time payment of

$797  $497


5 payments of


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I l already have a business? 

That’s perfect! This course is a great place to learn how to create more consistency and income in a new business.

What if I don't know what to sell, but I want a creative business? 

Amazing! This course includes a process for choosing products or business ideas and then building them out. 


I'm not a cookie baker, is this course for me? 

This course is designed for all CREATIVES who want to build a consistent income. So whether you're a baker, a card designer, or an earring maker, this course is for you! 


What is the format of the course?

This course is a combination of re-recorded videos and downloadable workbooks, so you can go at your own pace. Plus, I host live bonus calls inside the private Facebook group.


Is this course for seasoned entrepreneurs?

Since this is a more entry-level course, it wouldn't be a good fit for anyone looking to scale in a major way or replace a full time income right away.

Still have questions?

Email me:

I'd love to chat!